Cloud Computing Jobs UK

Cloud technologies are everywhere - the latest hot ticket in IT town and much used and much maligned! How do you navigate your career during times of fast paced disruptive change caused by the adoption of these technologies?

MillsHill resource many different types of role in the Cloud space and particularly effective in the cloud infrastructure space especially around areas such as:

• PAAS - Platform as a Service
• IAAS - Infrastructure as a Service
• DAAS - Desktops as a Service

Its our opinion that one IT infrastructure role will dominate the short to medium term IT infrastructure skill market. That role is a Cloud Architect, (know within MillsHill as a Cloud Angel).

Our definition of a Cloud Architect is someone who knows everything & can evangelise cloud at CxO levels & design & build solutions, e.g. the following range of IT technologies:

• Cloud/Virtualisation technologies including Open Source
• Security
• Storage
• VDI/Virtual Desktops/Thin Client
• Networking

Contact MillsHill and we'll give an honest assessment of your current IT skillset and how to future proof your career for the next 5-10 years by becoming a Cloud Architect