IT Infrastructure

The current IT infrastructure landscape is characterised by several key challenges. We understand these challenges and using our roadmap we can help you navigate you through them.

1. Rapid change

The current IT infrastructure landscape is changing dramatically. This has created a new set of commercial opportunities. Understanding and managing this 'paradigm shift' will affect how you maximize these opportunities. MillsHill understand and embrace change & know the way forward.

2. Global fragmented workplace

Without doubt the traditional boundaries of business, organisations are becoming harder to see. Remote workers, mobile workers plus accelerating global business conditions (evolving economies, new players with rapid entry/exit to the market, etc) mean the winners will be the organisations that get the right applications & infrastructure to the right people at the right time.

3. New mindset

It would be hard to deny that we're approaching an 'as a service' future. What organisation wouldn't prefer to pay for IT on a variable basis rather than as a fixed cost?

Concepts such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Service Orientated Architecture (SOA), Consumerisation, Endpoint Virtualisation, Server Virtualisation, Application Virtualisation, Storage Virtualisation characterise this new technical paradigm.