The last few years has seen virtualisation establish itself as a key strategic technology for all businesses. Market acceptance is accelerating. Drivers such as ROI, quick deployment, flexibility, agility and scalability are meaningful and substantial.

The focus today is server virtualisation; previously physical or new servers running as 'virtual instances' on a smaller number of physical servers or blades. Virtualisation has been around in many different formats for many years. In recent years VMware has driven forward the adoption on commodity x86 hardware. Other players have emerged or are emerging, e.g. Microsoft, Citrix, Parallels & RedHat/Qumranet to further the adoption from the desktop to the data centre.

Following closely behind server virtualisation is the theme of desktop virtualisation; running larger virtual pools of PC's. If you thought server virtualisation was a market opportunity then consider this question; how many more PC's than servers are there in the world?

From the desktop to the data centre, virtualisation is a business enabler – it gets the right computing to the right people at the right time. Yes virtualisation has it's challenges; virtual sprawl & associated automation, control & management issues, chargeback mechanism ( i.e. who pays & how do you pay?) but its impact is penetrating the IT infrastructure market with significance.

Let's be clear though - MillsHill know virtualisation. We see it as a stepping stone on the road to an 'as a service' computing future. Think of us as your trusted virtualisation & cloud computing talent acquisition advisor.